Bespoke, individual production, ultra-customization, exclusive item… Luxury should be unique, over and above normal standards, something excellent, rare and precious.
As François Joseph Graf sees it, a luxury item is a luxury because it is exemplary and has been made in limited quantities as an individual piece.

Each of his designer collections is produced in limited quantities and is made up of unique models, all signed.


Each piece of furniture designed by François Joseph Graf is exclusive and specific to a collection. Only one piece is made to form a coherent whole. Only the client may ask in complete confidentiality for other versions or duplications.



Graf_PAD_perspective image491-vignette


Each decor, renovation and atmosphere created by François Joseph Graf as a decorator or architect is a unique exercise in style to reconcile the material, historical and aesthetic constraints of the place with the client’s conscious or unconscious wishes and to imagine his private, personal living environment.

« The finest compliment a client can give at the end of a project is to tell his friends that he designed the decor himself. Then I’m delighted, because he’s taken on ownership of my work ».