“We consider craftsmanship to be one of the exemplary forms of human activity”

Simone de Beauvoir: “La Force de l’Âge”

François Joseph Graf is a fervent defender of French craftsmanship, which he has used with exemplary loyalty in each of his activities for over thirty years.

Maison Maleville, the world-famous cabinet-making firm, the DECLERCQ soft furnishings company and the Phelippeau tapestry firm (both recently awarded the “Living Heritage Enterprise [EPV] label), or, more recently, the Norma Desmond Studio, have carried out even the most incredibly ambitious of Mr. Graf’s projects with great skill and passion.

Exclusive architectural designs or special decorative features, production of unique pieces, most often made by hand using special techniques, always in France: this are the ethical principles inherent to craftsmanship as Mr. Graf sees it.

Physical skills that become the instrument of knowledge;, craftsmanship places the emphasis on the hand of man to produce unique, exemplary, rare and precious pieces.

Empirical knowledge, born from experience and practice, which needs time to mature and fully express itself; craftsmanship must be protected and developed in order to create true luxury objects, professionally made to survive man and be passed on to future generations.

François Joseph Graf’s idea of pure luxury: an original, unique creation, made with time and experience by a craftsman with a wealth of know-how, pure technique and talented skills. The imprint that this leaves behind turns an exemplary object into an outstanding luxury, unlike any other.